Cleaning paper for udder hygiene, single layer, 150 m.

Color: белый
Ply: 1
Composition: 100% cellulose
Embossing: yes
Perforation: yes
Roll length: 150 m.
Packs in a box: 6
Boxes on a pallet: 50
Type of packaging: plastic bag

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Cleaning paper for the udder. creped, perforated used as an individual wiping material for wet treating the udder of cows before and after milking.
• when moistened, creped paper does not soak, does not lose shape, is economical to use
• individual one-time use protects against cross infection with mastitis
• when wet, pleasant to the touch, does not injure the skin of the udder
Used with soap and disinfectant solutions or hygienic lotions.

Kind: Cleaning paper

Dispenser system: Cleaning paper

Type: For udder

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