Towels in packs multifold, one layer, 200 pieces

Color: light-grey
Ply: 1
Composition: 100% cellulose
Embossing: yes
Perforation: no
Sheets per pack: 200
Size: 22,5 х 22,5
Packs in a box: 20
Boxes on a pallet: 32
Type of packaging: box

Product indicators can be changed according to your order.

LIME multifold paper towels from a cellulose base, single layer, sheet size 22.0 cm x 22.5 cm, folded sheet width 7.5 cm, 200 pcs. in the package: a dense soft base and increased absorbency ensure economical consumption of products. Compatible with multifold towel dispenser systems.

Kind: Towels

Dispenser system: Multifold

Type: Sheet

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