Towels in rolls of the Matic system, one-layer, 180m.

Color: white
Ply: 1
Composition: 100% cellulose
Embossing: no
Perforation: no
Roll length: 180 m.
Size: 20 cm
Sleeve: yes
Packs in a box: 6
Boxes on a pallet: 32
Type of packaging: plastic bag

Product indicators can be changed according to your order.

Matic systems LIME paper towels: indispensable helpers in any area. Economical consumption (1 roll replaces 8-10 packs of leaf towels). Hygienic contactless selection only compatible with Lime Matic dispensers. These towels are suitable for guest areas, as well as for the kitchen and as an excellent lapping material for eliminating spills of any liquids on various surfaces; universal to use.

Kind: Towels

Dispenser system: Matic

Type: Roll

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